As a content creator you need to know that YouTube has been operating two video management and analytics platform alongside each other. That’s the New Beta Creator Studio and the Classic YouTube Creator Studio. Before, creators have access to two dashboards, but that will change in 2020.

YouTube already made it clear that it plans on removing the link to the Creator Studio Classic away from the menu bar at the left-hand for around 1% of creators. The majority of creators will have access to it till the early weeks of next year. When the moment arrives, every creator will be notified by YouTube two weeks before the change happens.

What Is Coming To The New YouTube Creator Studio?

According to the update, YouTube has made confirmation that there are going to be the arrival and dismissal of some features from the Creator Studio. All the features that follow are exclusive to the newly developed Creator Studio, and is not going to be in the Classic Studio:

  • Click-through rates and impressions at both the video level and the channel level that updates in real-time hourly during the initial 24 hours of the life of the video.
  • There’re new metrics, which can now inform you of the number of subscribers that clicked on your channel’s notification bell.
  • There’s a new upload workflow, which consists of checklists, a new layout, and multiple screens.
  • There’s a new tool for comment filter, which reveals the comments you’ve not replied yet.
  • You can now see the copyright claims on the video you post in the manager list of your video, that you can click on, review, then dispute if you want to.

Now, although the bulk of YouTube’s Classic Studio will not be there anymore, YouTube still hasn’t finished the creation of several tools that will be in the new studio. That’s the reason that for some time more, you will see features like the end screens still in the Classic mode of YouTube, with this button of Return to the New Studio. So alongside and screens, you’ll see the audio library, live events, playlists, info cards, private video sharing, status and features, live stream now, customized channels, and translations and transcriptions.

You will have to make use of your imagination for the screens and tools above as well, as they haven’t been ported by YouTube from the Classic studio to the New Studio.


As a conclusion, let’s take a closer look at the features and tools of YouTube which which will disappear in 2020:

  • Your video’s upload time
  • You being able to filter by these in search.”
  • Videos that don’t have some particular text, tags, upload time, video length, and list of video IDs.
  • The HD icon, which is close to the high definition videos right on the page of your video manager and is in YouTube studio.
  • The notification bell, which can be found on the top right corner.
  • There’s also the removal of the dashboard customization, so you cannot move around panels.

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