With recent advancement in technology, it has now become very easy to run your business with less stress. Automation tools have come in as a handy aid to small, medium and large businesses. It has become the holy grail of businesses who have problems handling the scalability of their business as it progresses.

It is evident that using automation tools are beneficial. How about we highlight some of them.

Benefits of Automation Tools

If you plan on reducing the workload involved in running your business, your best option would be using automation tools. With automation tools, you get to cut cost, ease your business management, increase efficiency and have extra time on your hands.

Another benefit of using automation tools is its aid in the scalability of your business as it grows. It could get harder handling things when you business is growing. Automation tools reduces the need for hiring more employees.

List of Automation Tools

Now that we have highlighted the benefits of the automation tools, we will be providing you with a list of automation tools that would be very valuable to growing your business. We went ahead to select the best out there for your business.

  1. XERO– Automated accounting tools are very important in running a business. The great thing about this software is that it works both for small scale and large scale businesses. With Xero, your accounting is totally automated. It automatically helps in cash flow management, scheduled payments, creating financial documents and other accounting functions.
  2. ZAPIER– Zapier is about one of the best options you have when it comes to automation in your business processes. Some automated processes it offers include backing up your documents, automatically saving email attachments and basically every task that needs your constant attention. With this, you get more time on your hands to face other tasks.
  3. IFTTT– This is an alternative to Zapier. Unlike Zapier, it offers a better free version, allows multiple automations and functions immediately the action is initiated. Its only limitation is that you’re allowed only one account so there’s no room for team work.
  4. Grammarly– While other automation tools help to run the financials and other activities in a business, the use of Grammarly cannot be underestimated. Writing is a huge part of marketing and you would be surprised how much more writing is needed in running a business. This is the best automation tool that can save you from embarrassing writing errors.
  5. Calendly– What better automation software than one that would schedule all your meetings, deadlines, phone calls and daily activities. This works quite easily. Two parties can also schedule a meeting just with a created link. Simple but as useful as can be.

The idea that automation tools are only for the big folks is just a misconception. Both small, growing, medium and large companies have dire need for automation tools. We sure hope the list we provided you meets to your day to day business needs.

Why not get started with these software and watch your business grow.

Bottom Line:

Following the five automation tools highlighted above could increase your online presence and boost your Google rankings. Once you have an established number of clients, automation tools will streamline your process and improve your efficiency.