The bounce rate of your website can easily be determined by setting up a tool called Google Analytics.

The longer a visitor stays on your websites, the more moment you have in turning then to customers or subscribers. But what are the ways you can make visitors stay on your website for a more extended period and visit more pages?

Fortunately, there are some free and easy ways you can improve the bounce rate of your websites and make your business grow.

The following are five ways you can improve the bounce rate of your website:

Create Content Regularly

When you create content regularly, you’re helping yourself in keeping your users around for an extended period and make them view more pages. Engaging, useful content will help in driving traffic to your site. As soon as you get the traffic, they will stay around, continue reading, and finally become a customer or subscriber if there’s the availability of several blog posts for the visitors to read. Aa a matter of fact, Hubspot stated that companies which published more than sixteen blog posts every month got around 4.5× more Leeds compared to companies which publish none to four posts every month.

Include Videos And Images

Talking about formats mixture, for your website’s bounce rate to improve, ensure you include attention-grabbing videos and images to your site. Several users would not spend much time reading the content of your website, so you’re required to grad the attention of these visitors with videos and images.

Speed Up Your Website

You’ve likely not realised this before, but the speed of your website is necessary for the improvement of the bounce rate of your website. As a matter of fact, Google stated that 53% of website visitors on mobile leave a page whose load time is more than 3 seconds. And for each more second, it takes your webpage to load, the chance of visitors bouncing your website maximises. So, make sure you increase the speed of your website so that your visitor won’t have to wait.

Carry Out A/B test

As you are trying to improve the bounce rate of your website, you shouldn’t leave it up to chance. Make sure you A/B test everything to determine the thing that’s working or not. You’ll likely be astonished by the little things which have the tendency to cause your website to be abandoned by visitors. It can even be a thing as simple as your call-to-action color button. So, ensure you do split tests or A/B tests of each aspect of your site.

Target Abandoning Visitors

Are you aware that more than 70% of the individuals who leave your site are likely not going to come back? If you do not begin improving the bounce rate of your site now, that is many potential customers and leads that your company is missing out on. An effective way you can stop those visitors from leaving your website is by making use of exit-intent popup. This tool can be used to convert those who want to leave your website instantly into subscribers or customers by displaying an offer to them as soon as they want to leave your website.