There are so many google analytics metrics to track but we helped you in narrowing it down to the four must-track- those that would benefit your business in attracting loyal customers. Just tracking google metrics is not enough. You have to optimize the information it offers in order to build your website and attract the needed attention.

So, what are these must track metrics you need?

Average Session Duration

This is just a measure of the time an individual visitor spends on your website. It is an indication of how useful your site is to visitors. It is also an indication of how interesting your website is to keep their interest for a long time. When the average duration is low, it is an indication that your website may not contain valid information to the visitors. This also applies when it comes to a very high average session duration. It could be that your website contains too much information and it’s hard for people to navigate and find useful info.

With this information, you get to work on your site and track the progress of your website.

New and Unique Visitors

This is the best way to check the rate at which your website is user friendly. The best way to get this information is from new visitors as opposed to the pre-existing customers. This is because the pre existing users have a certain level of bias and loyalty towards your brand so they pay no mind to minor website issues. The new visitors give fresh perspective on the website and it is best to make pre-existing customers’ interactions hidden to them. This would let you know if your website needs to be more user friendly.

Value Per Visit

This is an indication of the interactions per visit. It could be more page visits, comments or purchasing a product (on E-commerce sites). It is gotten as the average value created per visit. With this information, you get to know if there’s a need to enhance visitors interactions on your website or leave it be. To enhance interactions, you can ask for a little feedback from visitors or create an invite link for visitors to share on their social media. It also tells you the bounce rate on your website and how you can improve on it.

Sources of Income Traffic

Tracking the source of visitors to your website would help you know where to focus more of your ads on. Whether they come through direct input of your URL, or from searching on google or from other sites, there’s something more that can be done. It could be an improvement in your site’s SEO or more ads on the referral page.


The goal of having a website is to improve interactions and add value to your business. With google analytics, you get the right info to do this easily. These four Google analytics metrics we listed are enough to give you the leverage to draw as much traffic as you want.