As an auto body shop, you can keep your team busy all year around through effective Search Engine Optimization alone. In simple words, you are making it easier for people who need your services to be able to locate you.

As an auto body shop owner here Dallas, you are probably wondering how will market to clients. More than ever before, people rely greatly on the power of SEO to find all kind of services such an auto body shop. People are turning to Google to find products and/or services to meet their needs.

Now, when car owners need any kind of repairs, a good majority of car owners immediately turn to Google. Of course, you have a website that list your business name, address and your contact details , but what you do not have is being on top of the search results. These clients are likely to contact the auto body shops that appear on the first page. Therefore, to be able to get more clients for your auto body shop, you will need to find a way to get to the top of the Google search rankings.

However, this cannot be achievable without efficient SEO marketing. If you run an auto body shop and you want to leverage Google search to land more clients to your shop, then you need to embrace SEO marketing entirely.

These four tips below may be helpful for getting more clients for your auto body shop using SEO marketing.

1. Choose the Right Keywords

You cannot know what keywords you need to use on your auto body shop website until you run a keyword search.

These keywords should reflect what you do. Your choice of keywords should correspond with your service as an auto body shop. You may try using AdWords account to access Google’s free Keyword Planner tool. This will allow you to research relevant keywords to understand the traffic each generate.

Know that these keywords must reflect the intent of your prospective clients.

2. Optimize Your Keywords

After researching keywords for your auto body shop, keywords optimization comes next. You can optimize for your keywords in two places. This could be through your Google My Business page and/or through your website.

Google My Business page serves as a sort of mini-website for your shop. It will help increase your online presence and can greatly improve your Google rankings in no time. Google My Business page should be your primary focus, since it is much easier and faster to rank versus a website. In addition, always ensure that your Google My Business page is up-to-date for complete accuracy.

Optimize your website homepage and service pages for your buying intent keywords.

3. Gather Citations and Links to Boost Your Google Rankings

Once your basic frameworks are put in place, then you are ready to develop relevant citations and links for your auto body shop website.

Developing relevant citations and links would help expand your marketing reach and improve your Google rankings. With this, you would be able to draw more traffic to your service webpage and turn them into conversions in no time.

4. Leverage the Power of Reviews

Today, people often turn to reviews for making smarter buying decision when looking for a service online. This is why it’s good to garner positive reviews about your services and post it on your website for your prospective clients to view.

This will play a key role in convincing your prospects to try your auto body shop and also assures Google that you are running a legitimate auto body shop. This will result in boosting your Google rankings.


At BeeInteractiv, we offer a great return on investment for Dallas SEO deals in Dallas-Fort Worth. Due to this area encompassing so many small businesses, having great local SEO practices separates you from the competition. For instance, when a user is looking for a local auto repair shop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the search results should then come up with a few options for auto repair shops within their area.

Bottom Line

Following these four SEO marketing tips highlighted above could increase your online presence and boost your Google rankings.

Once you have a solid online presence and you’re able to get to the top of the Google rankings, then you’ll be getting more clients to your auto body shop. This will also allow your prospects to easily find you when they search for an auto body service.