Marketing a law firm while trying to practice law, can get overwhelming. Whether you are just starting out or working at an established law firm, business development is always going to be a top priority. Powerful marketing strategies can help your law firm set yourself apart from the rest and attract new clients. It can give you a boost in search engine ranking, allow your site to resonate with your target audience, and build rapport with potential clients quickly.

It’s challenging enough to be a full-time attorney, keeping up with your current cases, let alone trying to figure out how to consistently acquire new cases.  Below are some marketing ideas to help your law firm get some positive exposure.

1.Develop a fast and responsive website

Websites that load fast and display well on any device perform better in search engines and convert more website visitors into lead

2. Write content that informs and sells

 People research before hiring an attorney, so publish content on your website that not only promotes your services, but answers your potential clients’ common questions.

3. Run an SEO campaign to improve visibility in Google’s search results

 Everylaw firm must pay attention to SEO at all times because you need to be seen in the search engine results pages to get clicks and traffic.

4. Hire a reputable SEO agency

We do offer a great return on investment for Dallas SEO in Dallas-Fort Worth. Due to this area covering so many small businesses, having local SEO practices separates you from the competition.

For instance, a user is looking for a local auto repair shop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and within a 20-mile radius of their location. The user then types in a few keywords into the search engine, such as “local auto repair shop,” “Dallas-Fort Worth area”, the search results should then come up with a few options for auto repair shops within their area.

5. Ask clients to review your law firm

Reviews are incredibly important to your business. No matter how great your website is, people will still go to Google, Facebook, Avvo, etc. to see what kind of reviews you have online before they hire you

6. Improve the messaging on the most visited pages of your website

By looking at Google analytics, you can find out which pages are visited most often in your website.

7. Create valuable content on your site

Law firm websites have a reputation for having incredibly boring content. Be different and create valuable content that is share worthy.

8. Stay up to date with your clients

By keeping up with your existing clients using social media marketing, you may be able to understand the trends that they are following, in order to make more relevant content that they would be willing to share with their network.

9. Bring in an expert to market your law firm

If you’re looking to grow into a more prosperous and profitable firm, it’s vital that you not only keep these law firm marketing ideas in mind, but that your firm actually implements them.

10. Embrace Social Media Marketing

 Social media is such a powerful influencer, you simply can’t ignore it if you’re planning to market a business online. Facebook is probably the most effective social media platform to connect with your potential clients and to keep existing clients informed about changes in your law firm or new practice areas being covered.

11. Get Referrals from Other Attorneys:

One of the main drivers of quality cases is from getting leads from other attorneys in the area. There is a wealth of referral opportunities from other attorneys.

Final Thoughts

Being a good solicitor is no longer enough, going that extra mile can really help distinguish you and your firm from the crowds. By executing these law firm marketing ideas, you can start to get more clients from Google. Consider developing social media marketing content so that your existing clients will want to share it with their network, simply because it’s useful information.